How do you enable Human Spam Protection?

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the Fullworks Anti Spam Plugin for WordPress. In this guide, we will explore how this plugin offers the best free anti spam plugin for WordPress websites, providing robust protection and a seamless user experience. Whether you are a new user or looking to enhance your website’s security, this guide will cover all the essential aspects of this free anti spam plugin for WordPress.

About Human Spam Protection Features

The Fullworks Anti Spam Plugin offers advanced human spam protection to ensure your website remains secure and free from spam generated by human users. Here are the key aspects of human spam protection:


  • Machine Learning Technology: Use advanced machine learning technology to filter out spam comments from human beings, ensuring only legitimate interactions on your website.


  • Forms Protection without Captcha: Protect various types of forms, including Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, WPForms, WP Registration, and WooCommerce Registrations, without requiring Captchas. This ensures that form submissions are from trusted sources.

Statistical Analysis

  • Spam Probability Filter: Set the desired spam probability filter percentage. The default is 55%. A lower percentage will exclude more messages, including some genuine ones, while a higher percentage will allow more messages through, potentially letting in more spam.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Natural Language AI Learning: The plugin uses natural language AI learning to make an intelligent guess at a percentage indicating whether user input is likely to be spam.


  • Spam Marking Strategy: Decide if you want both machine methods (statistical and AI) to indicate spam to mark a message as spam (conservative) or just one method (aggressive). Normally, ‘aggressive’ is preferred, but for sites about adult content or SEO, which may have valid messages that seem spammy, ‘conservative’ may be better.

How to Install & Activate the Plugin

The below guide will help you install and activate the plugin.

Free Version
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Premium Version
See here (Guide):
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How to Activate the Human Spam Protection Features

Activating the human spam protection features ensures that your website is fully protected against spam from human users. Follow these steps to enable these features in your anti spam plugin WordPress:

  1. Access Plugin Settings: Go to the WordPress dashboard, navigate to ‘Settings,’ and select ‘Fullworks Anti Spam Plugin.’
  2. Enable Machine Learning for Comments: Check the box labeled “Use machine learning technology to filter out comment spam from human beings.”
  3. Enable Human Spam Protection for Forms: Check the box labeled “Enable human spam protection for forms input.”
  4. Configure Spam Probability Filter: Set the desired spam probability filter percentage based on your preference. The default is 55%.
  5. Enable Natural Language AI Learning: Ensure the natural language AI learning feature is enabled to make intelligent guesses on user input spam likelihood.
  6. Set Spam Marking Strategy: Choose between ‘conservative’ and ‘aggressive’ spam marking strategies based on the nature of your site content.
  7. Save Settings: Click the “Save” button to apply the changes and activate the human spam protection features.

The Fullworks Anti Spam Plugin offers a powerful solution to protect your WordPress website from spam. By leveraging advanced features such as machine learning, IP block lists, and real-time analytics, this plugin ensures a secure and efficient commenting environment without the need for intrusive Captchas. Easy to install and configure, the Fullworks Anti Spam Plugin is the ultimate choice for comprehensive spam protection, making it the best anti spam plugin WordPress.

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