What is Blacklist Checking & How to Enable It?

What is Blacklist Checking?

Blacklist Checking is a critical feature of the “AntiSpam Plugin by WordPress,” a standout option among the best anti spam plugins for WordPress. This feature enhances site security by blocking access from known malicious sources. It screens the IP addresses of visitors against a comprehensive database of offenders.

Key features include refusing comments from IP addresses that are on a blacklist. Forms types are protected, without Captcha, especially Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, WPForms, WP Registration and WooCommerce Registrations.

By incorporating the “AntiSpam Plugin by WordPress” into your site, you utilize its blacklist checking capabilities and access a comprehensive suite of security tools. Renowned as one of the best free anti spam plugins for WordPress, this plugin offers extensive features in its free version, with additional advanced features in the premium upgrade, making it a top choice for WordPress anti spam protection.

How to enable the Blacklist Checking?

You can simply enable the Blacklist Checking Feature by checking the “Enable blacklist checking for comment input” for “Comments,” followed by checking the “Enable blacklist checking for forms input” for “Forms,” and “Save” the same.

See here (Step I):

Blacklist Checking - AntiSpam - Settings

See here (Step II):

Blacklist Checking - AntiSpam - Settings


After activation, the blocked stats will be reflected within your “Stats” section.

See here (Stats):

AntiSpam - Spam Protection - Stats

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