List to link to a single page

This page contains a shortcode that links the events to another page
The shortcode is [wfea layout="grid" limit="9" link_custom_page="/products/widget-for-eventbrite/eventbrite-demo-single/e/{id}"]

the important part is /e/{id} which you at to the end of the permalink of your ‘single’ page.

You can also add {title} as long as it precedes the {id} with a hyphen. e.g. my-singlepage/e/{title}-{id}/

Try clicking on an event

Slightly more detailed instructions

  1. create a new page somewhere with a shortcode, it can be any shortcode for [wfea].
    But as most people want to display all the details [wfea content="true" long_description="true" thumb_original="true" limit="1"] may be appropriate. See for details.
  2. On the ‘source’ page add a summary shortcode such as [wfea layout="grid" limit="9" ] or [wfea layout="cal" limit="99999] and this is the important bit – add link_custom_page=”path to your page/e/{id}”

If the /e/ slug causes conflicts you can filter that e.g.

add_filter('wfea_single_event_slug', function() { return 'eb_event'; });

After changing the slug go to Tools>Permalinks and save to register the change – see filters.

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