Using Regular Expressions in Shortcodes

The Display Eventbrite plugin allows regular expressions in some shortcode options. This enables powerful filtering and matching rules that some developers may need.

The expression can be a simple text string e.g. Singing which will display all events with Singing anywhere in the title.  Note this is case sensitive.

You can also use a regex without the delimiters ( if you want to use delimiters use / )e.g. /singing/i for case insensitive or ^ Singing  for all titles staring with Singing  or  ^(Singing|Shouting) for example using regex or structure etc or any regex features ( you can check your regex at sites like ).

Except as regex can include [ ] a.g  ^[Ss]inging   the reg ex has to be url-encoded –  you can use the input field below to generate the encoded field  e.g.   ^[Ss]inging becomes %5E%5BSs%5Dinging

To help urlencode there is a simple form below, input the expression and encode it.

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