Using Regular Expressions in Shortcodes

The Display Eventbrite plugin allows regular expressions in some shortcode options. This enables powerful filtering and matching rules that some developers may need.

Regular Expressions ( regex ) are complex string pattern matching that even many developers find difficult.

The expression can be a simple text string e.g. Singing which will display all events with Singing anywhere in the title.  Note this is case sensitive.

You can also use a regex without the delimiters ( if you want to use delimiters use / )e.g. /singing/i for case insensitive or ^ Singing  for all titles staring with Singing  or  ^(Singing|Shouting) for example using regex or structure etc or any regex features ( you can check your regex at sites like ).

Except as regex can include [ ] a.g  ^[Ss]inging   the reg ex has to be url-encoded –  you can use the input field below to generate the encoded field  e.g.   ^[Ss]inging becomes %5E%5BSs%5Dinging

As the editor in WordPress tends to strip out special characters it is always best to encode your regex.

To help urlencode there is a simple form below, input the expression and encode it.

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