Background Processing

By default, Display Eventbrite queues API calls in the background. There are several reasons why it does this

  • Better for front end users as users that happen to land when a cache refresh is required are not slowed down
  • Better reliability on limited hosts, by splitting API calls into chunks, sever limited and timeouts are less likely to be reached
  • Allows slowing down of API requests so less likely to hit Eventbrite API rate limits

Technically, the background tasks are queued via a library called Action Scheduler. This is the same library that WooCommerce uses so is a stable and well tried technology. Action Scheduler itself relies on WP-Cron, so WP-Cron need to work too, by default WP-Cron relies on visitors to trigger, however it is often advised to replace WP-Cron with ‘real cron’. Most hosts have articles on how to do this.

You can check the Action Scheduler queues in WP Dashboard>Tools>Scheduled Actions, which should look like

Hopefully all the ‘wfea’ events are complete (or in progress), if you have a significant number of ‘failed’ ‘wfea’ events, if you are a Pro custom, please contact support and we will take a look.

If you are getting all errors or no actions completed ( or a free customer and stuck, not getting help from your developer or webhost ) you may turn off background processing. On small numbers of events, especially where you are not retrieving long descriptions, turning background processing off is not a big issue. You can do that in the plugin settings.

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