Events Changes in Eventbrite ( New events, updated events etc ) not showing immediately

To protect the performance of your system and also to ensure you don’t exceed Eventbrite API limits, the plugin caches events and so changes in Eventbrite ( e.g. new events, updated, deleted events ) are not reflected in the front end immediately.

The default cache period is 24 hours. This means that when you add or change events it may take up to 24 hours for them to show.

In normal operations this is often not an issue and more often a concern during testing.

In some situations it does become an issue.

In the Pro version for convenience there are some cache management features described below there are two actions you can take:

( in the free version you can adjust the cache expiry programatically via the filter ‘wfea_eventbrite_cache_expiry’ )

Manually clear the cache

Go the Settings>Display Eventbrite – tick the clear cache box and save

Set the Cache to be more frequent

You can change the cache duration

You can shorten the cache duration e.g. to 1 hour.

Use 1 hour with care, and avoid it if you have a large number of events ( e.g. more than 50), as may result in hitting Eventbrite API limits.

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