No Events Found

If you are getting ‘No Events Found’ then the plugin is working, but finding no events, that sounds obvious but there can be several valid reasons

  • If you have just installed the plugin, and you set the option for background processing to get events in the background, the first time this happens it may take a few minutes, if you still have no events after 5 minutes read on …
  • The plugin, by default, shows only live – future events – it does not show draft or past events. If you want to see draft or past events – you have to specify that explicitly in the shortcode or widget.
  • You have specified a filter, perhaps incorrectly, to filter out events, and so no events are available to be displayed
  • You have only just added a new event, don’t forget the plugin caches by default for 24 hours. This is to protect the performance of your site. You can force a cache clear in the pro version setting.
  • If you set the option for background processing you may have an issue with background processing, e.g. CRON, check your WP Dashboard>Tools>Health Check – if you can’t resolve it, it may be necessary to turn background processing off. See this article on background processing.
  • You may have an issue with your database server, best to enable wp-debug and examine the log see this article on setting debug mode and . A rare issue on older servers / unmanaged VPS is ‘max_allowed_packet’ of the database being set too small when you have many events, on older servers the default size is insufficient and needs to be increased. see Database limits too small.

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