Popup Doesn’t work

If you have selected embedded checkout by popup=”true” and you don’t get a popup but end up being redirect to an event page there can be several reason that are Eventbrite related, and not a bug in the plugin.

No SSL or invalid SSL

For the popup to work, you need and SSL. If you are developing on localhost it is likely you do not have an SSL so popup wont work.

If you have some insecure content that also makes your site insecure and the popup wont’ work.

You can use a service like ‘whynopadlock’ to help you troublehoot.

Unsupported Payment Processor

Eventbrite wont let you embed the checkout unless you collect payments with Eventbrite Payment Processing, Authorize.net or PayPal. Any other processor you will not get the popup.

Unsupported Features

You can’t use embedded checkout if any of the following features are used for your event:

• Merchandise (Additional Items) — Go to the Order Options > Order Form section of the Manage page. Click the trash icon next to each item to remove. Then save changes.

• Will Call — Go to the Order Options > Order Form section of the Manage page to disable the “ALLOW WILL CALL PICKUP” option.

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