Resolving JetPack Boost and Display Eventbrite Events Conflicts

How to Display Eventbrite Events with JetPack Boost in WordPress


JetPack Boost is a WordPress plugin that improves site speed through techniques like JavaScript concatenation. However, this can sometimes conflict with plugins like Display Eventbrite Events and cause issues displaying events. This guide explains these conflicts and provides solutions.

Understanding the Impact of JS Concatenation

JS concatenation combines multiple JS files into fewer files to reduce page load time. But it can unintentionally interfere with plugins like Display Eventbrite Events that are crucial for showing events.

Diagnosing the Problem

If events fail to display, JS concatenation could be the cause. Check for errors in your browser console. Temporarily disabling JS concatenation in JetPack Boost can also help determine if it’s the source of the issue.

Resolving Conflicts

There are ways to resolve conflicts between JetPack Boost and Display Eventbrite Events without compromising speed or functionality.

Excluding Critical Scripts

One solution is to exclude specific Display Eventbrite Events scripts from JetPack Boost’s concatenation process. This ensures essential features work while keeping speed benefits.

Optimized Solution

To fix display issues, exclude the “widget-for-eventbrite-api-fullcalendar” script from JetPack Boost’s “Concatenate JS” option. This resolves a common conflict without impacting performance.

Alternative Techniques

If excluding scripts doesn’t fully solve it, consider lazy loading, deferred loading, or advanced caching instead of JS concatenation.

Optimizing Script Order

The order scripts load in can impact functionality. Adjusting this order may be necessary for compatibility in some cases.

Seeking Support

If issues persist, contact JetPack Boost and Display Eventbrite Events support teams for help and potential plugin updates.

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