Styling looks strange, not like the demo!

General issue when copying and pasting shortcodes

Be careful, if copying and pasting shortcodes from blogs, other post on your sites and elsewhere, not to accidentally include <pre> tags as this will means formatting is ignored.

This is a common cause of very strange styles as CSS is ignored.

Generally it is best to manually input the shortcode rather than copying and pasting to avoid this and other issues.

Buttons and other things don’t look good

As there are many thousands of themes and dozens of page builders it is impossible to style everything to match exactly to your theme.

The main approach with this plugin has been to inherit your theme’s styles were possible. This keeps the plugin light weight and developer friendly.

The downside is that unlike other plugins that have preset styles and customisation controls, that occasionally some CSS tweaks are required to make things look good.

Adding CSS is easy now in the WP Customizer>Additional CSS.

But please don’t struggle trying to work out the required CSS if that is not a skill you have or you are having difficulty. As a premium customer you can just raise a support ticket explaining the issue clearly , with links and screenshots and we will advise suitable additional CSS for you.

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