Getting Help

How can I get support?

Whether you’re tinkering with a freebie or indulging in the premium experience of a Fullworks Plugin for your WordPress site, worry not – we’re here to lend a helping hand. Here’s how you can tap into our support channels:

Support for Free WordPress Plugins:

1. Knowledge Base:

Dive into our treasure trove of wisdom – our knowledge base. It’s packed to the rafters with informative articles and guides covering every nook and cranny of our free plugins and SEO secrets. We’re constantly updating it to provide the answers to the mysteries that keep you up at night.

2. Support Forums for Free WordPress Products:

For a more interactive experience, why not join the chatter over at the dedicated support forums on It’s where our passionate users and team members gather to swap stories, troubleshoot, and crack the code to your plugin perplexities. Swing by the forums for your free Fullworks Plugins fix.

Don’t be shy – paint us a picture of your conundrum with all the colourful details. Links, error messages, and the steps that led you down this rabbit hole – lay it all out for us. The clearer, the better!

If you would prefer more personal support, then please upgrade to a premium plan where available.

Support for Premium WordPress Plugins:

1. Knowledge Base:

For those indulging in the premium pleasures, fear not – our knowledge base caters to your discerning tastes too. Here, you’ll find a wealth of detailed articles and guides, meticulously crafted to unveil the hidden gems of our premium plugins and SEO wizardry. It’s your portal to enlightenment, regularly refreshed to keep you on the cutting edge.

3. Contact Us and Raise a Support Request:

Got a burning question or need a guiding light? If your license is primed and ready, don’t hesitate to reach out. Simply summon our support team by raising a support request, accessible from the premium plugin settings page or via our website at We’ll be at your service faster than you can say ‘Bob’s your uncle’, ready to tackle any setup snags or usage queries head-on.

For any further enquiries or assistance, consider us your trusty sidekick, here to ensure your journey with Fullworks Plugins – be it free or premium – is nothing short of a jolly good time!

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