List all Registrations – The Shortcode [qemreport]

[qemreport] produces a report of all Events that have Attendees.

This shortcode is available as a paid for option.

There are several shortcode options that allow you to control what is displayed

Category Names

Option category_names='names separated by commas' will only display the events in the listed categories, note this uses 'names' as a search string, not slugs title e.g.[qemreport category_names='Free Events,Paid Events']

Events by ID

Option event='csv of ids' will list attendees of the events is specified e.g. [qemreport event='234,878']

Hide Payment info Columns

Option no_payment_info=true setting this will hide the payment information columns ( these can not be selected as 'fields' as they are not registration form fields.

Limit the maximum events to display

Option limit='number' will limit the maximum events to display e.g. [qemreport limit='3']

Limit to a specific year

Option yearnumber='YYYY' will just report a specific year e.g. [qemreport yearnumber='2021']

Select columns to display

Option fields='list of fields' will set the columns and their order to display e.g. ][qemreport fields='field4,field1,field2'] fields also need to be on the registration form to be displayed.

field1 - Name
field2 - Email
field3 - Attending ( or not )
field4 - Telephone
field5 - Places
field6 - Message
field7 - Not defined
field8 - Not defined
field9 - Optional registration field ( blank 1 )
field10 - Optional registration field ( blank 2 )
field11 - Drop Down value
field12 - Nummber input
field13 - Not defined
field14 - User selection
field15 - User optin
field16 - Checkbox
field17 - Donation Amount

Show events with no attendees

Option show_events_with_no_attendees=true setting this will display all events requested, even without attendees. If not set only events with attendees will show.

Show only future events

Option future_events=true setting this will limit events to events with a start later than now

Show only past events

Option past_events=true setting this will limit events to events with a start earlier than now

Show to logged in users only

Option logged_in_users=true setting this mean that output will only be displayed to logged in users. As the shortcode can display personal information either use this option or set other forms of page protection.

Single ID

Option id='event id' will list attendees of the single event is specified e.g. [qemreport event='234']

Sort Attendees By

Option sort_attendees_by='surname|email|date_asc|date_desc' will sort attendees within an event by the option e.g. [

Registrations Listed by Event - 28 May 2022

Event ID: 7159

NameYour EmailPlacesEnter all names:Date SentPayment
Markk Gunningmarkngunning@gmail.com125 May 20228bd9be39bc9e334821199d8bb7dfcded
There are 1 people coming.

Test Demo Event - 20 Sep 2022

Event ID: 7365

NameYour EmailPlacesEnter all names:Date SentPayment
testtest@test.com122 Sep 20229d10c4700b2dc4b9e701f2f86fbe282f
There are 1 people coming.

Test Demo Event - 20 Oct 2022

Event ID: 7369

NameYour EmailPlacesEnter all names:Date SentPayment
asdasd@asdmin.com104 Oct 2022fb4a296610d4e3e1dbb47176de289424
John Doejohndoe@gmail.com101 Oct 202260ffde9823ef82651f74e4b6aa49ae4c
renoemhw24@chello.at126 Sep 2022187197fc4f4ee8a1cff431fae3ca8edf
richardrichard.edenborough@gmail.com103 Oct 202260ffde9823ef82651f74e4b6aa49ae4c
testtest123@gmail.com128 Sep 202260ffde9823ef82651f74e4b6aa49ae4c
testtest@test.com127 Sep 2022187197fc4f4ee8a1cff431fae3ca8edf
There are 6 people coming.

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Sort Event by Title or Date

Option listby='date|title' will set the sort by date or title e.g. [qemreport listby='date'] or [qemreport listby='title']

Sort Event Order

Option order='ASC|DESC' will set the sort order e.g. [qemreport order='ASC'] or [qemreport order='DESC']

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