QEM Emails not being delivered

You probably have come to this page as attendees are saying they have not received an email from Quick Event Manager.

Tracking email issues is very difficult as there are multiple steps

  1. the plugin sending it
  2. your host server or if you use one your plugin that connects to an email service
  3. the recieveing email server – spam / grey lists
  4. the recieving email client spam / reject lists

– add these lines to your wp-config.php

define( 'WP_DEBUG',true );
define( 'WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY' ,false);
define( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG', true );

then test your emails, e.g. register for test event or use the email report options.

you will find a file  in wp-content  called debug.log – you can delete this file whenever you like if it gets to big.

that will contain LOTS of stuff, most is nothing to be concerned about, but search specifically  for   QEM Email

and if you cant find QEM Email after test send then some setting ( or bug ) is stopiing the email being sent. An example is perhaps that you have set autoresponder to send only when payment is confirmed and you have not got PayPal IPN set up. In these cases please contact us for support.

if you find the line containing  QEM Email message about to send  then the plugin is working!

read the following lines

if, a few lines down, you have  a line containing QEM Email – wp_mail error msg 

then the plugin is working but your server ( or email plugin service ) is not!

if you have a line containing QEM Email – wp_mail responded OK

the the plugin and your email service is working – then you are into investigating  why you are considered a spammer
this can be multiple reasons from your server( or email service)  IP being blacklisted or your SPF records incorrect or DNS pointer issues relating to servers and a handle of other things- but you will know at last where to look. You may need an email expert to diagnose – however often a simple solution is move to a different email sending service following their set up instructions carefully( MailGun, SendGrid, Amazon SES or other transactional email services and associated plugins )

after you have completed the debug.log investigations set

define( 'WP_DEBUG',false );

and delete the debug.log file

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