Setting Up Multiple Tickets Types

With Quick Event Manager you can set yo several different ticket types at different prices, e.g. Adult and Child, Standard and VIP

You can see an example here ( click any where on the below image to see the live example )

The above is an image – click on it to go to the live event

This example event is set up as follows

First go to Dashboard>Events and click Add New

Start by adding a date, and optionally you can have and end date for multi day events.

The short description is optional, as is venue.
If you add an address and you have maps enabled the map will appear.

Website and website URL are optional, but in this case I’m using it to link from the event to this document.

You don’t need to enter anything in cost, as you will have costs later in multiple ticket types, but you can add descriptive costs e.g. tickets from £xx

You need to tick registration form, as that is where the multiple ticket type will be displayed.

Optional is places available, e.g. 100 which sets your venue maximum. This has proved very useful for COVID restrictions.

Maximum places per registration has also proved very useful during COVID where party size is restricted.

If you tick ‘single name/email’ this allows a person to book multiple tickets without listing every name, if you want names then choose a different option.

You can tick ‘payment’ if you are taking payment via PayPal ( or Stripe if pro ), if you are not taking payment online. e.g. at the door, then untick.

Now the multiple -ticket part. Tick ‘Cost Table – Use Variable Prices’. This allows you to then add up to 4 ticket types for this event.

Of course, you can add your event image and any other event details as required.

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