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Listed below are all the shortcodes for the Quick PayPal Payments plugin for wordpress:

[qpp]Standard paypal plugin
[qpp form='name']Uses a named form (created on the setup page)
[qpp id="your name"]Presets the reference field to the words ‘your name’
[qpp amount="$30"]Sets the amount to pay to “$30”
[qpp labels="off"]Don’t show labels for preset fields
[qpp id="red,blue,green"]Displays options instead of a single reference/ID
[qpp amount="$3,$5,$9"]Displays a list of amounts
[qpp id="red;$3,blue;$5,green;$9"]Displays a list of items with their price. The ‘amount’ field is disabled and the plugin sorts out what is brought and for how much.
[qppreport form="name"]Displays a table of all payments made from the form called ‘name’

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