Development and staging licences

The licence is enabled to allow development without using up your licence count.  These domains count as development systems

TLDs that are considered as dev or staging:

  • *.dev
  • *.test
  • *.local
  • *.staging
  • *.example
  • *.invalid
  • * (GoDaddy)
  • * (Cloudways)
  • * (tunneling)

Subdomains that are considered as dev or staging:

  • local.*
  • dev.*
  • test.*
  • staging.*
  • stagingN.* (SiteGround; N is an unsigned int)
  • * (WP Engine)
  • dev-* (Pantheon)
  • test-* (Pantheon)

Additionally, if your domain is localhost (with any port), it will also be treated as a dev or staging domain.
If your you want to utilise a license on a development or staging site that doesn’t fit the criteria listed above you will have to deactivate the license from within the Account page in your WP Admin dashboard, and then reuse the license.

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