In the situation where you have set it all up and it doesn’t seem to be working correctly there area few common set up issues that should be checked

  1. Check you are on a supported version of PHP, currently 7.1 or above ( lower version may work but are not supported )
  2. The files (all files images & blm and the updates directory) must be readable / writable by the plugin, so check permissions / ownership
  3. Make sure you are looking for the right converted file that would be http://yourdomain/wp-content/uploads/rightmove/processed/properties.xml  – not your original .blm file
  4. If you are processing very big zip files of images, on a slow shared host you may well hit PHP timeout and nothing gets unzipped. Slow shared hosts often have a PHP timeout of 30 seconds. If you have the permission to increase this you may have to. If you can’t, change host or get a VPS.
  5. If an unsupported image file type is detected image conversion will not happen.  The plugin currently supports .jpg, .gig, .pd, .png file types.
  6. Incorrect case of file names. The file names are case sensitive (on most Linux servers). So MyBlm.blm is different to Myblm.blm and   file.BLM is different to file.blm. Make sure the file names match exactly.
  7. Can’t get cron to trigger.  WP-Cron depends on front end traffic, refer to the WordPress codex for more details. For testing there are various plugins that allow you control cron triggers. Also, if you deactivate and then re-activate the plugin it will run at least once.  (note: if you delete the plugin it will delete the transfer directory, so you may not want to do that during testing)
  8. Misunderstanding ‘wait time’.  Wait time is the time difference the process wants between the .blm file being written to disc and  the time the process finds it.  The process will not re-try after wait time, the process will only run on it’s cron schedule (e.g. daily / hourly ). e.g. if I copy a .blm file to the server at 10:55 and the wait time is set to 15 minutes, and the cron is hourly, at 11:00 the plugin will ignore the blm as 15 minutes has not passed.  At 12:00 on the next cron run, as 65 minutes have passed since the file copy, the plugin will process the file.  Whilst you can set wait time to zero or 1 for testing, when you are live it is important to allow plenty of  (wait) time to allow time for ALL the images to get copied to the server.

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