Where do I put my rightmove files?

The plugin will have created a directory in your wp-content/uploads directory (assuming your permissions are correct).

Arrange for your .blm files and your associated image files to be transferred into the top level directory.

Important Note:   You need to ensure that all images associated with the blm file are on the local service in the rightmove directory.  If they are not, conversion will run but will not handle the missing images.  The purpose of the ‘wait’ parameter is ensure that there is a long enough time that all your images are copied onto the server, just in case the blm file arrives right at a scheduled time and all the images are still being ftp’d. Set the time to the longest copy time plus more.

1. rightmove directory is where you place the incoming files

2. processed directory is where the files go to after the xml file is created. This enables you to copy the files back to ‘rightmove’ if for some reason you need to re-run the job.

Once the job has run the xml file is created as property.xml within the ‘processed’ directory.

Please note, that the upload directory is in a different location for multi-sites. The plugin will know the correct upload location based on the type of WordPress install.

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