Get Directions shortcode Options

[get-directions latlng="27.1750151,78.0421552"]

Options  ( free )

  • showroute=”true” or “false”
  • height=”500px”   in px
  • width =”100%”   in % or px
  • zoom=”12″    1 to 16
  • controls=”true” or “false”
  • locale=”en_US” many locales work e.g. “fr_FR” “es_ES” “hi_IN” etc if you try a new locale check a set of directions if you get a message that directions could not be processed try an alternative locale
  • unit=”m” or “k”  – m is miles k is kilometers

Options  ( Pro )

  • destname=”text”   can include some html ( not applicable when usepost or posttype is used, as post title will be used )
  • layout=”1″    developers can define different layouts
  • id=”map-shortcode”  use different ids when multiple maps on the same page
  • tile=”map” or “light” or “dark” or “hybrid” to set the map style
  • usepost=”true” or “false”  if  “true” will use the latitude and longitude and if provided pop up text from a meta box added to the post type ( specified in the settings )  – this will provide a single pin – useful on a detail page
  • posttype=”post” or “<customposttype>” will draw multiple map pins based on those posts
  • taxonomy=”{ json string }” to specify pointer attributes based on taxonomies, this is advanced and best described in the demo here
  • enabledestination=”false”  set to “true” to allow user input into destination box
  • hidepin=”false”  set to “true” hide the marker pin, the map still centres on latlng

See Pro demo page

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