Free Plugin Support

If you need support for a free plugin you must request this support on the appropriate plugin support page on

All free versions of our plugins are provided entirely on a voluntary basis and so is any support. Please remember as a user of a free plugin you are not a customer, you are a collaborator in an open-source project. Your question and the potential answers are for the benefits of the whole WordPress community.

All support, provided by Fullworks Plugins or anyone else on is carried out as volunteers. As plugin authors we do monitor and try and respond to support questions but like any voluntary action, this may not be timely or indeed possible.

When you ask a support question please help by providing as much detail as possible. The more detail the more likely a quick resolution can be found.

On support forums you cannot upload images, but you can post links to any image sharing service. Screen shots of all settings often helps.

It is a forum policy that you not ask us to login with admin or server access. Nor will we ever login to your site as a free user of our plugin. This is to protect you and us.

These are ways you can help provide information

By help us as volunteers by providing lots of detail you will likely help yourself by getting a good resolution.

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