Advanced Autoresponder Markup

The premium ‘gold’ plan brings the power Twig markup to the auto responder messages, enabling conditional logic.

This is useful if you need to display different content depending on information on the registration such as ticket type when multiple ticket types are used.

Data elements available

{{event}}   - title
{{ticketno}}   - event level registration ticket no
{{multi_tickets}} - an array containing for each ticket
   {{ticket_no}}  - ticket no if needed for different ticket types
   {{qty}}   - quantity requested

More data items will be added on request.

An example would be create a list of multi tickets

{% for ticket in multi_tickets %}
%   {% if ticket.qty > 0 %}
            <li>{{ ticket.label }} - {{ ticket.qty }}</li>
   {% endif %}
{% endfor %}

Reference for Twig tags can be found here

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