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Event List

Most of the shortcodes can be mix and matched. If you wanted all the event for 2015 in the Banana category just use [qem id=2015 category=Banana]

[qem]Standard event list
[qem id='archive']Show old events
[qem id='all']Show all events (old and new)
[qem id='remaining']Show events remaining in the current month
[qem id='current']Show all events from the current month
[qem id='today']Only show today’s event
[qem id='9']Show events in September (the 9th month)
[qem id='9' y='2015']Show events in September (the 9th month) and in the year 2015
[qem id='2015']Show events for 2015
[qem event='1234']Show event with the ID 1234
[qem images='on']Show event image in the event list
[qem links='off']No link in Event title and ‘read more’ link is hidden
[qem posts='99']Set the number of events to display
[qem fullevent='on']Show full event details on the list
[qem category='name']Only list events in the ‘name’ category
[qem order="asc"]Display events in reverse order (going backwards in time)
[qem linktolist="checked"]Adds a link back to the URL set on the Display Settings
[qem linktolisturl="http://url"]Set the URL and for the ‘linktolist’ shortcode
[qem listlinkanchor="Click Here"]Set the anchor text for the ‘linktolist’ shortcode

Event Calendar

[qemcalendar]Calendar view
[qemcalendar category="name"]Only display events in the ‘name’ category
[qemcalendar month="7"]Display events from the 7th month of this year
you can also use relative dates e.g. “+1 month” etc.
[qemcalendar year="2022"]Display events from 2022
you can also use relative dates e.g. “+2 years” etc.

Pro Shortcodes

[qemreport event="1234"]See detail page for all report options on this shortcode
[qemsendemail]Backend email sending in frontend; camn limit fields, e.g. [qemsendemail fields="field1,field2"]
[qemnames]Attendees by name
[qememail]Attendees by email
[qemguest] Guest events from logged in or out users via the front end – see the guest event demo

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