Connect to Eventbrite

For the plugin to work it needs to be connected to Eventbrite to gather information on your events.

Getting an API key is easy.

  • Login to your Eventbrite account. (if you don’t have one, create a free one)
  • Go to the Developer Portal and click “Get a Free API Key” to retrieve your API key.

( if you end up on a different screen e.g. generate a new key Application URL Application name and Description you do not need to enter anything specific, just give it a name )

The key is called ‘Your Private Token’.

(Optional) Integrate Eventbrite Webhooks

Integrating web hooks is optional and can be done at any time. The Webhooks tell the plugin in near real time if there has been an addition or change to events.

This can be useful if you are adding / changing events regularily and the standard plugin data cache setting e.g. 24 or 12 hours is too long for you.
This instructions are on the settigs page.

  • Login to your Eventbrite Account, and go to the WebHooks page
  • click: Add Webhook
  • In Payload URL copy and paste the displayed link
  • Select “All Events”
  • Tick: event.created, event.published, event.unpublished, event.updated,
  • click: Add Webhook

Once done put your Webhook ID ( see video and images below ) in the settings field and {save}

Next steps

You can then add the shortcode [wfea] to a post or page.

And to customise it you are best advised to the use the shortcode builder page here.

If you see no events take a look at the troubleshooting tips.

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