Understanding the Cache

The default cache setting for this plugin is 1 day, this should be fine for most uses but there are circumstance when you may want to change the settings.

The cache impacts view new or modified events and also if you are showing attendee data, the counts.

Events that were live but ended are not displayed by the front end ( even though they may still be in cache )

The cache protects you from exceeding Eventbrite API daily limits.
Since version 4.0 API calls are made in background, so front end users are not impacted by cache refresh – however if you turn off background processing the cache also protects most users from a slow response.

If you exceed the Eventbrite API limits you may find some data is missing or out of date.

If you want to use a shorter cache time than one day, you can but you need to do some calculations to check you won’t exceed the limits.

First you need to know how many events are being queried. The query is based on status not what is being displayed. If you have 20 live events and only displaying limit=3 that is still 20.

If you have two shortcodes one for future and one for past, the number of queries include all your past events. So if you have 20 future and 300 past events that is 320. Even if you only display 1 event or each.

If you also select long description, you need to double the number, as that is an extra call per event

Once you know how many events the formulae is

Minimum cache minutes = 0.06 * Queried Events

Our first example of 20 queries would be a minimum cache of 1.2 minutes, so you can use 15 minutes – but this is not really recommended as background processes will run every 15 minutes even if no data has changed.

Our second example of 320 queries would be a minimum cache time of 19.2 minutes, so you can use 30 minutes as a minimum.

Add in Long Description and a cache time of 1 hour is more appropriate.

Impact of Caching plugins

Setting on third party cache plugins do not impact the Eventbrite data cache from this plugin.

As third party cache plugins, like Litespped, W3Total Cache etc cache the page, then in theory event if Eventbrite data cache has changed the page may not change.

To solve this issue, this plugin automatically itegrates with the 10 most popular page cache plugins, to clear their cache when teh plugin re-freshes its data cache.

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