Hiding Cancelled and Unavailable Events and other statuses

As well as changing the buy now text based on event status ( see this article ), some may want to completely hide and event of a certain status.

Premium plugin users have access to event status classes so some simple additional CSS can be used.

e.g. to hide all cancelled events

.wfea .event__cancelled {
   display: none!important;

To hide all unavailable events

.wfea .event__unavailable {
   display: none!important;
All premium status classes are
  • event__coming-soon
  • event__postponed
  • event__sales-ended
  • event__ticket-at-the-door (Music promoters only)
  • event__sold-out
  • event__cancelled
  • event__unavailable

These can be used for other stylng too, such as changing colour.

Free and premium users have access to these status classes

  • event__available
  • event__past
  • event__started

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