Resolving ActionScheduler Fatal Error

Did you get a fatal error when upgrading Display Eventbrite to version 4? Since version 4 the plugin uses a background process library called ActionScheduler, developed and used by WooCommerce and used in may plugins that need reliable processing.

However a small number of website, when Action Scheduler is set up experience a critical error. This can be caused by many factors in your website setup.

You would likely have got a critical error message similar to

Error message: Uncaught RuntimeException: Error saving action: Error saving action: Table 'your_db.wp_actionscheduler_actions' doesn't exist in

This article will guide you through the steps that will resolve the issue in most cases.

The basic steps are

  • Deactivate the Display Eventbrite plugin
  • Install the ActionScheduler plugin
  • Create the ActionScheduler tables
  • Reactivate the Display Eventbrite plugin

Deactivate the Display Eventbrite plugin

As you have a critical error you may need to manually deactivate the plugin. All you need to do is to get into your control panel file manager or via ftp – and rename the plugin folder.

The plugin folder is in wp-content/plugins and called either widget-for-eventbrite-api or widget-for-eventbrite-api-premium.

Changing the name to something like wfea-deactive will deactivate the plugin.

Your site should now be operational.

Install the Action Scheduler plugin

Visit WooCommerce’ formal site for ActionScheduler here

Download the and install and activate it as you would with any plugin.

Create the Action Scheduler tables

This should happen automatically.

Navigate to Dashboard>Tools>Scheduled Actions and you should see something like

Reactivate the Display Eventbrite plugin

Go back to your file manager, rename the wp-contents/plugins/wfea-deactivated to widget-for-eventbrite-api or widget-for-eventbrite-api-premium.

Login in and from plugins, activate Display Eventbriite Events plugin.
If it is all good, then Action Scheduler will continue working. You can even deactivate the Action Scheduler plugin.

And pop over to Dashboard>Tools>Scheduled Actions to check you background calls are being processed.

Of course, if you still have issues, reach out to Fullwork’s support.

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