General Styling

Whilst the layout may be OK when you first install, as there are literally thousands of themes, it is not possible to create a plugin that instantly looks beautiful every time.

This plugin deliberately does not have dozens of options to tweak styling, as much of this can be achieved using CSS. In many cases a simple addition of some CSS can turn a layout that doesn’t work to one that looks beautiful.

If you are not familiar with CSS or how to make changes, it is well worth the effort to read up a little on it.

However we do realise that not everyone has the time and if you are a paying customer, please contact support for help and guidance, most styling changes require minimal tweaks to CSS, of course if you want a complete redesign we are also happy to provide a quote for a custom layout.

You can apply CSS either through the WordPress customizer’s Additional CSS, or more experienced developers would use a Child Theme. You can target the plugin’s output from the shortcode by qualifying with the class .wfea or the widget with .widget .eaw-block , for instance in this theme in the demo, to make the register button on the widget nice I use

.widget .eaw-block .eaw-booknow {
    margin-top: 40px;
    float: right;

You will find some other articles with more details.

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